Wailea Resort

Named for a goddess. Blessed with sunshine.
Breathtakingly beautiful.



Located along Maui's spectacularly scenic southern coastline, Wailea Resort is a haven for paradise-seekers, cultural explorers, rejuvenation adventurers and discovery divas alike.

This master-planned resort – named for Lea, the Hawaiian goddess of canoe-making – has long held a commanding position among the world's great luxury destinations, renowned as much for its legendary spirit of hospitality as its spectacular island setting. Guests, both new and returning, visit here time and again to indulge in the resort's exceptional accommodations, golden sandy beaches, superb amenities and award-winning activities.


  • Luxurious resort hotels
  • Elegant townhomes, villas and private residences
  • Five crescent-shaped beaches, refreshing pools, beach parks, and a coastal walking trail
  • World-class spas
  • Wailea Golf Club
  • Wailea Tennis Club
  • Fabulous cuisine, from casual to upscale
  • Numerous opportunities for discovery, such as cultural, wellness, culinary and adventure experiences
  • Multiple shopping options

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