Coaching Programs


Wailea Golf Academy Coaching Programs



Private Session

Custom-designed coaching to improve all aspects of your game from putting to driving. We start with your athletic abilities and build solid & reliable fundamentals. You will own your swing because we tailor it to your needs and personality. You will improve and play better golf immediately.


Group Session

Learning in a group with family and friends is fun! We offer small group sessions with a maximum of 4 golfers to assure you have personalized attention. Learn to be a player of the game instead of obsessing with the technical aspects of the swing.


Corporate Session

Are you looking to reward, motivate, or educate your team members? We custom design our corporate sessions to suit your business needs, and offer a variety of educational and team building activities at the academy and on the course.


Aimpoint Express Session


Stop guessing! Learn how to read greens like the pros and make more putts!
Students will learn how to master the same green reading system used by major champions Adam Scott, Justin Rose, Lydia Ko, Stacy Lewis and many more. The fast and reliable Aimpoint Express system will help you to:

  • Identify with certainty the tilt of the slope
  • Quantify the break
  • Better identify with the speed of each putt
  • Eliminate doubts
  • Putt with confidence!

Short-Game Scoring Session

Everybody needs a better short game. This is the fastest way to lower your score! Sign up with a friend or group of friends (each session has a minimum of two students and a maximum of four) and receive one hour of putting, chipping and pitching instruction. These three shots represent 60 percent of your shots on the course!

Learn how to:

  • Set up properly for each shot and make solid contact
  • Control the distance and trajectory of each shot
  • Determine which club to use depending on the lie and situation
  • Master the 3 P’s—pitching, pivot, precision
  • Train and practice to obtain the best results
  • Get the ball up-and-down and save several shots per round around the green

VISION54 Maximum Performance Sessions


If you miss a shot, does it mean that you made a poor swing? Or that your technique was bad? Not necessarily. Your human skills are just as important to executing a good shot as your technical skills. The Vision54 program is geared toward putting yourself in a peak performance state when on the course.

Students will learn how to:

  • Become a master of variability
  • Improve their BTT Skills—Balance, Tension, Tempo
  • Become more emotionally and physically aware
  • “Own” the future, present and past of each shot—Think Box / Play Box / Memory Box
  • Be a player and have more fun on the course!